From “Gorilla”

First Date

The gorilla is telling you not to go too far on your first date.   He demonstrates what “too far” is with your mother.  You worry the neighbors might hear.   He tells you, his breath rasping behind the rubber lips, “Why buy the milk, when you can get the cow for free?”   That phrase plants itself under your toenails, in the conch shell part of your inner ear.  You start to hear, “Why fry the monk, when you can eat the nun for free?”  On Tuesday it becomes, “Sigh, she said milk!, and you got only fat-free?”  After, it hums constantly in the background: Shy women are meek, let you only watch TV? Eyes on me now, or you’ll feel like a dying bee? Cry on, bald guy, your tears are strictly rated G?   Since you’ve been home, I feel so greatly off key?  My tailor said silk, and you left this sow for me?   Thumbelina, Thumbelina, leap off that burning tree!


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