(insert cute title here)


I worry about running into a certain woman I owe money to. Can we
ever agree on the amount? She is so tall, even to fit into this poem
she has to hunch over.

(insert natural image – preferably a close up of some grass or branches

The lip of the train door and the lip of the platform are so far apart:
Does that make them an open mouth? If so, what exactly are teeth?

(insert image of night street scene here – emphasize the stop light
blinking and blinking and the occasional sound of a car engine stalling,
then catching)

The indigo bird with the long weird tail flitting above us in the spiral
of the ruined tower.  Were we chasing it?  I don’t remember.  Was it
leading us? Our sweat was so heavy it dragged holes in our t-shirts,
made us stumble and laugh.

(insert image of flattened dried dead frog here: perhaps by the side
of the road, perhaps in the American history textbook of an unsus-
pecting 6th grader)

I want to be perfectly early, so early the bench where we are meeting
hasn’t been built yet, so early that the park itself is simply a series
of blueprints in the bottom of a metal cabinet,so early that your dog
has not yet bitten me, has not yet learned to do anything hard with his teeth.


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