trying for a love poem, very rare for me

Dear Human Boy
After Sean Dougherty & George Gordon Byron

I had a dream, which was not at all a dream.

I dream I am the lost glove in your coat pocket, and you are everywhere, searching for me out on the streets.

I dream we are ants at the mouth of a glass honey jar, but we never reach the honey because we keep waiting for the other to go first: after you, no, after you, I insist.  I want to blame this dream on your excessive politeness, but it is perhaps due to the orderly nature of ants.

I dream that you and I are some sweet red candy that we are sharing from a bowl, sitting across from each other, our hands in the sticky bowl of each other, humming in a grey rowboat,  & I want to sing you the new song I am thinking but my tongue keeps sticking on baby, baby, baby.

I dream that I am your left athletic sock, and you tear through me with the sharp edge of the toenail on your big toe because your toe is a brutal animal, and, I admit it, I get a erotic thrill like the ring of a tin bell from that tearing.

I dream you roll your eyes at me; you’re worried your pants aren’t fitting right — you ask me to check them, from the front and from the back, but instead I make you go to work with no pants.
(note: I am not responsible for my dreams.)

I dream of a table setting in a large old dining room, concentric circles of gleam and sunlight, a pink shining plate right in the center, and us touching noses in the center of that plate, smaller than we are now.

And in the dream, the boat floats in a sideways slant down the river, so we swirl until our hair catches then frees again on the yellow maple leaves bending over the water. The sun sets but much slower and its rays catch in our eyes and mouths while I say baby, baby, and you hand me another piece of myself, sticky, soft.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jay St. Vincent (NoviceNaturalist)
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 12:24:19

    Love poem for sure! At least for my kind of being in love- especially take to the image of ‘another piece of myself, sticky, soft.’


  2. Barry Napier
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 13:22:13

    Oh wow, this one is great! I hadn’t dropped by here in quite some time and was delighted to be welcomed back by this one.


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