new mud

Time Travel for Beginners

“Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen”, the announcement repeats and repeats, sticking before it gets to the message. All the woman on this train are touching their hair. Through the windows, the sun beats at our sunglasses, the leather straps of our handbags. Someone left a coat. “You seem less damaged today”, was what he said to me then, the car swerving around the dead in the road. The doors yank open and thirteen puffy jackets rush in.

I see your hand in everything, in this torn open magazine, in the mouth of the child wrapped around the silver pole, in the moments between the breaths of my O.D., while that man shoved me into a cold shower to revive me, everything I couldn’t move to protest. Someone left a coat: the lining the color of new mud, streaked with animal hair.


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