vegans, this way

The Lesson on Pork

 what BB's can do to an eye

tractor-colored chickens flinging 
at my brother's face
heat lightening, keyhole shaped 
	tame parrots and potato salad 
outside on the front lawn

aluminum lawn chairs that tip when 
my brother tries to sit on my lap 
white and blue webbing 
marking my thighs like sunburn

motorcycle engines spread on picnic blankets

pills for animals or children 
                in my uncles' breast pockets

the state fair at night: straw and pig turds 
under our boots, the shine of shampooed fur 
				on calf buttocks 
                    in the red and yellow 
             festival tents
                    before the slaughter

4-H girls kissing their pigs 
on the mouth
ping pong balls bouncing 
from clown lips 
balloons popping, 
	how to point a gun

bloody t-shirts hid in feed bags, 
handfuls of hotdogs after

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